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It’s time to fix a broke Money Magnet Start living in abundance now!

Your money mind-set is the feelings and thoughts you subconsciously develop towards money from your life experiences. Did you know that you are worthy of living a golden life? Yes health, wealth and abundance are available to you today. Let us help you unlock the keys to your abundant life now.

You will learn to:
• Shift your abundance paradigm
• Develop new enabling money mantras and affirmations
• Use proven systems to develop effective money management
• Apply techniques to triple your investments in 90 days
• Adopt health approaches to risk and money management with life time access to #WealthWednesdays resource kit
• Strengthen your money magnet with weekly personal coaching in a community of likeminded leaders

Your opportunity to thrive in your abundance is calling you in a time such as this. Grab hold of your access and fix your dial today.

Effective Goal Setting to 10X your wins in life today.
Goal setting is about creating a blueprint for your personal planning process. It helps individuals identify what they want to achieve in their personal life, their professional life and support wealth creation and overall happiness.

Why this programme is important to you? It help you to:

Critically evaluate the psychology of saying no to be more effective and enjoy greater productivity in your life and business

Explore how coupling Effective Goal Setting with your Wheel of life and purpose facilitates increases in your rate of success and personal happiness today.

Key learning outcomes
Your Effective Goal Setting programme will give you the skills to:

• Understand the meaning and importance of ‘Goal Setting’ coupled with your ‘Wheel of Life’.
• Explain the psychology of Goal Setting.
• Initiate the Goal Setting process.
• Discuss the crucial difference between aspirations and goals.
• Plan personal and professional goals.
• Use time management techniques to achieve your goals on time
• Celebrate micro-wins along the journey to your breakthrough
• Personalized, customized coaching for 90 days and life time access to our online Goal setting system.

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